st-ereotype asked: and i really fucking miss them too :( beautiful edit!

Aww, right?! :( Thank you so much babe!

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He’s intelligent, he’s modest, and - whatever else people say about our relationship - he’s my best friend.

No one will surrender tonight, but I won’t give in. I know what I want.

"What’s something that you would change about yourself?"
– I think my ears stick out. I’m not into it. (x)

I’ve been tagged by robpluskristen :)

Well I’m actually very terrible at these tagging things, I can never come up with any merely acceptable questions, I swear. So I’m gonna break all the rules and just answer the questions my lovely Nicole made. Sorry!

1. Have you met any celebrity and if yes who? 
      • Nope, unfortunately not. :(
2. What is your biggest dream in your life? 
      • To be able to make a living out of making movies.
3. What is your favorite place that you visited?
      • I’ve never been anywhere that cool, tbh. But I’ll go with Rio de Janeiro.
4. Who is your favorite family member?
      • My mom. She’s my favorite person on Earth.
5. What does a perfect date looks like to you?
I just have to be with someone I really like. The rest doesn’t really matter.
6. What’s the first thing you notice about the opposite gender?
The smile. I’m a sucker for a beautiful smile man, gets me everytime.
7. Favorite tv show?
     • Skins. I’ll never get over it and I’m not even sorry.
8. Favorite character from book world?
This is the hardest question ever, I can’t pick one. Maybe Lisbeth Salander…
9. What is the one thing you want to change about yourself (not look wise)?
      • I wanna go back to being less afraid of getting my heart broken… I’m so scared of people, so scared of love. And it sucks.
10. Do you think you would be a good book author?
I have no idea, but actually I’m about to figure that out lol. I’m starting to write a book with a friend. :)
11. An easy one, plans for tonight? ;)
      • Nope. I’ll just stay home with my tv shows. ♥

I’m not gonna try to change who I am to be more like what people think.